CSME - CARICOM Single Market and Economy

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Services for Individuals

CSME Skills Certificate Application

Individuals who are citizens/nationals of one of the 14 CSME Member States are eligible to apply for a CARICOM Certificate of Recognition of Skills Qualification (CSME Skills Certificate) in one of currently approved categories.

CSME Skills Certificate Replacement

This service is for Holders of Skills Certificates where there has been a change in key elements of their certificate such as; a change in their name, marital status or passport number OR in cases where their CSME Skills Certificate has been lost/stolen/mutilated.

Persons Exercising the Right to Engage a Service Provider

This service is for Trinidad and Tobago Nationals who wish to provide a service on a temporary basis within another Member State, and requires the issuance of a Certificate of Registration as a CARICOM Service Provider.

Services for Businesses

CARICOM Nationals Exercising the Right of Establishment

CARICOM Nationals have the right to establish a business within the CSME. The businesses must be at least 50% owned by a CARICOM national and are allowed to engage in any legal wage earning activity.

CARICOM Nationals Exercising the Right of Establishment Extension

This service is for Owners/Directors of Businesses currently operating under Work Permit Exemptions. Applications for Extensions are to be submitted at least three (3) months prior to the expiry date of the Work Permit Exemption.

Managerial, Supervisory and Technical Staff Under the Right of Establishment

Businesses and Companies have the right, under the Right of Establishment, to bring in Managerial, Supervisory and Technical staff in order to further their business. Both Companies and the identified prospective staff members are required to supply the necessary documents.

Businesses Exercising the Right to Engage a Service Provider

CARICOM Nationals have the right to provide services and are entitled to supply services to a consumer in or from another member state, under National Treatment.

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